After hooliganism in Punjab, Rajya Sabha MP Subhash Chandra receives threat

New Delhi: Hours after reports of a Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MLA from Punjab being thrashed came out, a person named Ravi Azad has now threatened Rajya Sabha MP Subhash Chandra.

In a video, Ravi Azad, is ‘appealing’ to his fellow farmers and ‘young people’ to go in groups and stop Rajya Sabha MP Subhash Chandra’s program that is scheduled to take place on Sunday (March 28, 2021).

He also asks them to prepare their ‘laths’ (sticks) so that the Rajya Sabha MP is not able to hold his program.

The 1:49 minute video also shows Ravi Azad talking about the incident that took place in Punjab’s Muktsar district where BJP MLA Arun Narang was manhandled

“Vahi haal Subhash Chandra ka karna hai, kisi bhi keemat pe ye karyakram nahi karne dena hai,” Azad threatened in the video message.

As per reports, Narang was restrained by protesters carrying farmer unions’ flags. According to ANI, Superintendent of Police of Punjab Police Gurmail Singh also suffered injuries while attempting to rescue Narang from the situation. 

“Today BJP MLA Abohar, Arun Narang reached Malout in connection with a party press conference where he was surrounded by some agitators and demonstrators who restrained him. When a police party was trying to take him away from the spot, they started attacking and during the scuffle, SP HQ Gurmail Singh suffered injuries on head, elbows, and legs,” ANI reported. 

This is to be noted that thousands of farmers are protesting against the Centre’s new farm laws since late November 2020 and eleven rounds of talks between the central government and the farmer unions have failed to break the impasse over the contentious farm laws.

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