Allahabad University VC writes letter to Prayagraj DM, seeks ban on loudspeaker for morning ‘Azaan’

Prayagraj: The Vice-Chancellor of Allahabad University has written a letter to the District Magistrate seeking a ban on loudspeakers used for ‘azaan’ in a mosque near her residence.

In a letter to DM Bhanu Chandra Goswami, Professor Sangita Srivastava said that the morning ‘azaan’ disturbs her sleep.

Goswami has said that he would take appropriate action as per the rules.

The vice-chancellor has said that she is unable to resume sleep even after the ‘azaan’ is over. She added that it causes headaches and leads to the loss of work hours.

She said that though she was not against any religion but during Ramzan, the announcements over the microphone begin at 4 am which disturbs people.

Citing a court verdict, she said that “Your freedom ends where my nose begins”.

The vice-chancellor has sent copies of her letter to the divisional commissioner Prayagraj and SSP Prayagraj.

Following the development, reactions began pouring in from various quarters. While some saints and politicians supported Srivastava’s letter, some others criticised the move.

The saints in Ayodhya have supported the demand of Srivastava. Raju Das, the priest of Hanumangarhi, questioned the need of putting up loudspeakers in Muslim-dominated areas.

“God is not deaf. We demand the government to remove the loud microphones installed in mosques. There should be only one mic which plays ‘azaan’ at a medium volume level at specified timings,” Das said.

“Action should be taken against mosques that (use loudspeakers),” he added.

Another priest, Mahant Paramhans Das, said, “Size and form are not relevant in Islam, so what is the need of loudspeakers? People are suffering from insomnia due to this.”

BJP spokesperson Manish Shukla also supported the VC’s letter.

“The constitution and law of the country gives every person of the country the right to object when their rights are violated,” said Shukla.

On the other hand, some opposed the VC’s letter.

“Ever since the BJP government came in, every issue is being linked to caste and religion. There is no question of development,” said Anurag Bhadoria, Samajwadi Party spokesperson.

Advocate Darul Uloom Farangi Mahli said, “The VC’s letter is beyond reasoning. It is just a matter of a minute or two and objections against should not be raised.”

Last year, the Allahabad High Court gave an important ruling while hearing a petition filed in connection with the prohibition of Azan from mosques in three districts of Ghazipur, Hathras, and Farrukhabad in Uttar Pradesh. The court revoked the order of the District Magistrates of these districts and allowed oral Azans from mosques without using loudspeakers.

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