Anybody can do Yoga – Differently abled persons take part in International Yoga Day event

Chennai: While people from across the world actively participated in marking the International Day of Yoga on Monday (June 21), not many would have spared a thought for people belonging to the differently abled community.

Being confined to what are now homes-cum-workspaces has had a debilitating effect on even able-bodied persons, so what about the plight of those with restricted mobility!

It was to address this social cause that the Dhiman Trust organised a Yoga workshop for the differently abled community in Chennai city.

Run by Shobanaa Dhiman, a fashion show director who had earlier curated shows featuring differently abled persons, transgenders and plus-size models, the Yoga day event was meant to promote the physical and well-being of the challenged community.

“We had persons on wheelchairs, crutch/walker users, polio patients, persons with motor issues and intellectual challenge, so adequate precautions were taken to ensure utmost safety. Owing to COVID-19 we kept the numbers low, some of the participants were even para-athletes and sportspersons, whereas the rest were commoners. We invited Dr Anand Jyothi, general Secretary for TN Paralympic sports association, to handle the training,” Shobanaa told Zee Media.

The organization supports over 10,000 individuals, including hundreds of special achievers among the differently abled community. It operates in various cities including Kanpur, Lucknow, Hyderabad and Bengaluru.

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