Arvind Kejriwal government hell bent on drowning youngsters into alcoholism: Delhi BJP chief

New Delhi: Days after the Delhi government reduced the age limit for alcohol consumption from 25 years to 21, state BJP chief Adesh Gupta on Tuesday (March 30) put up a strong opposition to the move.

Gupta said that Arvind Kejriwal-led government wants to push youth towards alcoholism and that the BJP will not allow Delhi to become “the capital of alcohol”. 

“Kejriwal-government is hell-bent upon drowning the youngsters of Delhi into alcoholism,” Gupta was quoted as saying by PTI.

Gupta alleged that the new excise policy was only meant to increase political funding to the Aam Aadmi Party.

“The BJP will oppose it tooth and nail and not allow any new shop to come up. The new policy is aimed more at pushing Delhiites into alcoholism rather than at increasing its revenue,” said Gupta.

“The new excise policy is only meant to increase political funding to the AAP and revenue of the government. In one go, the state government has raised commission on liquor to 10 per cent and this way they have ensured the party gets Rs 1,000 crore fund in its coffers,” he added.

Rejecting the charge, the AAP alleged the involvement of BJP leaders in the alcohol business.

“They are millionaires because of nothing but their involvement in the alcohol business. The new policy will act as a deterrent for illicit liquor operations as, under the new policy, no new stores will be opened and existing shops will be improved. This is how the illicit liquor business will come to an end,” AAP said.

According to the new excise policy, the government would withdraw from running liquor vends in Delhi. The move is expected to lead to annual revenue growth of 20 per cent.

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