Baba ka Dhaba: Where is the restaurant now and where did Rs 45 lakh of donation go?

New Delhi: Baba ka Dhaba owner Kanta Prasad, who got overnight fame after a YouTuber made his video that revealed about his financial grim condition, is back to headlines. This time, it is because the restaurant, opened by Kanta Prasad with the donation he received from people, has been shut and the old couple has returned back to their old food stall. According to reports, Kanta Prasad decided to shut his restaurant after he suffered a huge loss. Moreover, the restaurant was handling bringing any customer for Baba and gave him poor returns.  

Gaurav Wasan, a YouTube food blogger, who shared the video on Kanta Prasad, had asked people to help him and make donations. According to reports, after the video went viral, people from the country made generous donations to Kanta Prasad, which reportedly summed up to Rs 45 lakh. With the donation amount, Baba opened a restaurant as he hoped to see good footfall. However, his dream did not last for long as Baba Ka Dhaba turned restaurant could not thrive in the market and ran into huge losses.

Kanta Prasad says that he was not even able to meet the ends of the monthly expenditures. His monthly expenditures cost around one lakh rupee in which the rent of restaurant, salaries of employees and ration was included, however, according to him, the restaurant was not able to generate even half of the expenses.

He had to pay Rs 36000 to his three employees as salary, and the rent of the building of restaurant was Rs 35,000 rupees, whereas he could never earn rupees more than 40,000. Also, the number of customers declined gradually and the restaurant business fell flat due to lack of proper management. 

So the story of Kanta Prasad going from rag to riches reached the rags again and he is now operating his Baba ka Dhaba on the corner of a road at Delhi’s Malviya Nagar.

Prasad admitted that it was indeed a bad decision to start a restaurant and he lost a lot of money in that. 

But he is left with almost 19 lakhs in his account that he says he will save for a safer future.

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