Chocolate day 2021: Express your love to your beloved in these romantic ways this Valentine’s week

On the third day of Valentine’s Week, we celebrate Chocolate Day (February 9) which is the most cherished day of Valentine’s Week for chocoholic lovers. On this day, partners gift each other the most beloved sweet treat – chocolates as a token of affection. Surely, it’s a day when sweetness is in abundance!

It is a lesser-known fact but dark chocolate is not just tasty but also good for your overall health as it’s a source of antioxidants and can improve brain function. So, don’t stop yourself from indulging in that heavenly bar of cocoa with your loved one on this day. But what are other fun ways to celebrate love with chocolate? We have a few creative suggestions for you!

Here are romantic ways to celebrate Chocolate Day with your loved one this Valentines week:

Chocolate with every meal: The idea is to add a bit of sweetness into your day as you indulge in different forms of chocolate. In the morning, make hot cocoa with marshmallows instead of tea/coffee and dig into a box of chocolate ice-cream as a post-lunch dessert. For dinner, you could end the day by sharing a gooey, choco lava cake with your partner. 

Bake chocolate treats: We all love romantic dates at cafes but what about cooking or baking a delicious chocolate dish together? You could start with a simple recipe of chocolate pancakes, plain chocolate cake or choco-chip cookies. Later, you can enjoy the hot deserts with your partner along with a bottle of wine and your favourite movie.

Have a chocolate tasting session: Surely you’ve heard of wine tasting sessions, so why not try a similar activity with chocolate? Take this as an opportunity to try a new type of chocolate and surprise your tastebuds. You and your partner can go online and look for unusual chocolate flavours such as lavender chocolate or sea salt flavoured chocolate. Be a little adventurous this chocolate day!



Chocolate cocktail: If you and your partner enjoy alcohol, this cocktail of your childhood treat and adulthood drink is what you need! Look up a recipe for mixing alcohol and chocolate properly and enjoy the tastiest cocktail there ever was. For a winter drink, you can even add alcohol to hot chocolate and sip on it while cuddling with your beau or belle on the sofa.


Gift your lover a chocolate bouquet: Get a little creative with your bouquets and add chocolates instead of flowers. You can add assorted chocolates to make the bouquet more interesting. Your partner will definitely admire the effort!

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