Covaxin not available in Delhi for people above 45, says AAP leader Atishi, slams Centre

New Delhi: Senior Aam Aadmi Party leader Atishi on Friday (May 28, 2021) said that even for the fifth consecutive day in Delhi, youth have not been administered the COVID-19 vaccine in government schools. 

She stated that vaccination is being done at expensive rates only in private hospitals and that the vaccine doses for the youth are not being supplied to state governments, including the Delhi government. 

Atishi said, “In Delhi, a lot of vaccination is being done only in private hospitals at expensive prices. If the dose of a vaccine is Rs 900 to 1350, then it means that any family will have to spend ₹10-15,000 to get their whole family vaccinated. After all, how many such families are there in Delhi who can invest 15,000 rupees only on the vaccination of their family? The answer to this big question has to be given by the central government, why is it that there is no shortage of expensive vaccines in private hospitals, while the state governments, which are immunizing people for free do not have a single dose.”

“Why is it that there is no shortage of vaccines in private hospitals administering vaccines at expensive prices, while the state governments which are immunizing people free do not have a single dose?” the Delhi MLA asked.

She added that in the COVID-19 pandemic, the central government is scamming the people jointly with these vaccine companies and private hospitals together. 

“Covaxin is not available in Delhi for over 45 years of age category, only Covishiled is available,” she informed. 

She said that it seems that the reason for the lack of coronavirus vaccine is not just mismanagement but a huge scam of the central government. 

“Due to lack of vaccines, only 39,020 people have been vaccinated in Delhi on May 27. Due to the better vaccination process in Delhi, the NCR youth including Noida, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon have also got vaccinated till a few weeks ago, in addition, 42% of people in the age group above 45 years have been vaccinated, but now the vaccines are not available. We would like to appeal to the Central Government to provide vaccines to the youth of Delhi at the earliest,” Atishi said.

Atishi said that the central government will also have to answer that a lot of vaccines in the world have been approved by the WHO. She said, “Pfizer’s vaccine has been approved in 68 countries, Moderna’s vaccine in 48 countries and Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine in 41 countries. All three vaccines have also received approval from the WHO. 

“Whereas only two companies are manufacturing vaccines in India. In such a raging pandemic, the central government is scamming the people jointly with these vaccine companies and private hospitals together. Due to this, the vaccine is not available to our youth today. The vaccine is available only to people over 45 years of age in Delhi. Covaccine is also not available for them. if anyone wants to get the second dose of Covaxin today, it is not available.”


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