COVID-19: Maskless passengers may face life ban if deemed ‘unruly’

New Delhi: The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) issued a notice informing that passengers will be de-boarded and may face a lifetime ban if they don’t follow COVID appropriate behaviour inside the aircraft.

The notice points out that passengers were being complacent about the COVID-19 norms and were not following guidelines even after being requested to do the same.

In the case a passenger violates protocol despite repeated warnings then the passenger will be treated as an ‘unruly passenger’ and will be de-boarded from the plane before departure.

The term ‘unruly passengers’ falls under three broad categories as defined by the DGCA. Behaviour under Level 1 is characterised by verbal harassment, inebriation, and physical gesturing. 

Level 2 includes physically abusive behaviour such grabbing, kicking, pushing, sexual harassment, and inappropriate contact. 

Level 3 relates to life-threatening behaviour such as vandalism of aircraft operating systems, serious physical violence such as eye-gouging or choking, assault, or breach of the flight crew compartments.

A Level 1 offence attracts a ban of up to three months. A Level 2 offence may lead to a ban of up to six months, while a Level 3 offence could see the passenger banned for at least two years. In special cases, a life ban can also be issued.

Once a ban has been issued, other airlines may also choose to enforce bans of their own.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health recorded 25,320 COVID-19 infections, the highest daily rise in 84 days, taking the case tally to 1,13,59,048.

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