Delhi has 2 days of Covaxin, 14 days of Covishield: AAP MLA Atishi urges youth to get COVID jab

New Delhi: Senior AAP leader Atishi on Saturday (June 19) said that two days of Covaxin and 14 days of Covishield is available for the youth in Delhi.

Further, she appealed to youths to book slots through the CoWin app and get themselves vaccinated.

Atishi informed that Delhi received 1.67 lakh doses of Covishield for the 18-44 age group on Friday, and now the national capital has 2.95 lakh vaccines available for the youth. There are 8.46 lakh vaccine doses available for above 45 years age category, we have 6 days Covaxin and 58 days Covishield stock available for this age group, she added. 

AAP MLA stated, “On June 18, 77,345 doses were administered in Delhi out of which 62,230 were first doses while 15,115 were second doses. This brings the tally of total doses administered in Delhi to 64, 26,302.”

“It has been observed that whenever Delhi has enough vaccine supply for the 18-44 age group the vaccination process speeds up, and when the vaccine stocks start diminishing the speed of the vaccination process also slows down rapidly,” she added. 

Further Atishi said, “Delhi received one installment of 1,67,320 Covishield doses yesterday for the 18-44 age group. So now Delhi has 2,95,000 vaccine doses available for the 18-44 age group, out of which, there is 37,000 Covaxin doses which will last for 2 days and, 2,58,000 Covishield doses that will last for 14 days. For the 45+ age group Delhi has a total of 8, 46,000 vaccine doses available out of which; there are 80,000 Covaxin doses for 6 days and 7, 66,000 Covishield doses for 58 days.” 

Asking people to get the COVID-19 jab, Atishi said, “The youth of Delhi must come forward and book their vaccination slots through the CoWin application. While they are stepping out to get their vaccine jab they should also take along any family member who is of age 45 and above and hasn’t been vaccinated till now for their vaccination as well.”

“For now the most important step to save Delhi from the next possible Covid-19 wave is vaccination. Currently, Delhi has the vaccine stock available and therefore everybody must step forward and get themselves vaccinated at the earliest possibility.” she stated. 

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