Delhi High Court orders police to provide protection to homosexual woman, married against will

New Delhi: The Delhi High Court on Wednesday (March 10) ordered the Police to provide protection to a lesbian woman, who was married against her wishes, from her family members and in-laws.

Justice Mukta Gupta, who was hearing the plea, issued the order to the Lajpat Nagar SHO. She directed the police to provide protection to the lesbian woman.

The hearing was conducted after a plea was filed in the high court. The petitioner told the court that the concerned homosexual woman is of 23 years of age. Woman’s parents, being fully aware of her sexual orientation, forcibly married her off to a man.  

The petitioner also requested the court to order a cease and desist to the woman’s father, father-in-law and her husband, which shall keep them from intimidating or threatening her. 

It also caught the court’s knowledge that the woman had also disclosed her condition to her husband. Additionally, she had asked for divorce on multiple occasions, but her husband kept delaying it. 

The plea revealed that the woman was forcibly married against her will to a man on October 12, 2019. The plea was filed by the petitioner with the help of an NGO, Act Now for Harmony and Democracy (ANHAD) later on. 

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