Delhi woman dies after son slaps mother over property dispute, incident caught on camera

New Delhi: Capital of India, again witnessed a very shameful incident on Monday( March 15)in Dwarka, letting humanity go down again. The incident was caught in a CCTV camera wherein a man is seen slapping an elderly woman due to which she collapsed. Later, the video went viral on social media. 

The 76-year-old mother (Avtar Kaur) had got into an argument with her 45-year-old son, Ranveer, and his wife on the street during which in anger the son slapped her. The slap was so hard that the elderly mother fell on the road and was later taken to hospital where she was declared dead. 

But, the question arises of what happened that led a son to slap his mother who carried him in her womb for 9 months and took care of him after that. 

The quarrel between the elderly mother and her son, daughter in law was over a parking issue in the locality. Ranveer was also an alcohol addict, therefore disputes over the property and other issues were a common thing between them. Whatever the reason be, this shameful act cannot be justified. 

Police have arrested the son and registered a case in the Bindapur police station, under Section 304 of the Indian Penal Code.

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