Did you know that screening & early detection can combat cancer in women?

New Delhi: This International women’s month, Zee News took an initiative to spread awareness about the two most common types of cancer in women, Breast and Cervix. The gravity of the issue can be measured by WHO’s data which state that over 2.6 million women suffered from breast cancer in 2020 globally. In the conversation, the experts highlight how breast cancer and cervix cancer has been emerging as a significant threat to women’s health. The discussion further indulges into the methods of early detection and preventive measures that the women can take in order to lead a healthy life. 

The panel was attended by the country’s renowned Oncologists, including by Dr. Vishwanath S from Bangalore, Dr. Amit Dwary from Kolkata, Dr. Harshvardhan Aterya from Lucknow and Dr. Manish K Singhal from Delhi. 

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