DNA Exclusive: Beware! High beam ‘virus’ more lethal than COVID-19, here’s why

New Delhi: The high beam headlights in vehicles have become the cause of several accidents resulting in the deaths of hundreds of people across the country. Despite several rules regarding the use of headlights,  provision of fines and the Ministry of Road Transport expressing its concern on the matter, this topic is not a priority. 

Zee News Anchor Aman Chopra on Friday (June 11) analyses the use of high beam headlights in cars and it has lead to nearly 33 per cent of road accidents that occur at night.

Firstly there is a need to understand the high beam and the low beam headlights. High Beam headlight means when the range of headlights is very high and they throw light directly ahead whereas low beam headlights throws the light downwards.

When the headlights are on high beam, then its light covers an area of ​​100 meters. During this, if three people are standing at a distance of 70 meters from the car, then these three people cannot see anything clearly due to the light in their eyes. Whereas in Low Beam, the illumination of the headlights falls only up to 40 meters. And there isn’t much danger because the light falls downwards.

The rule clearly states that it is illegal to drive in high beam headlights on city streets.

Under Section 177 of the Indian Motor Vehicle Act 2019, a fine of Rs 500 is imposed for the first time, a fine of Rs 1500 for the second time and repeated violation of this rule can also result in suspension of the drivers license. But despite this, people run the headlights on the high beam. 

As per a study, the light of High Beam Headlights affects the vision and the study suggests that it takes 20 to 60 seconds for your vision to recover in such a situation. It’s just like when someone throws dust in your eyes while driving and you can’t see anything.

However, nowadays it has become a trend to drive on High Beam. People also use LED Bulbs and Lights. Apart from this, all the new vehicles that are coming today, their headlights are very bright. You use it and because of this many road accidents happen and people lose their lives.

This is a problem that every person has gone through at one time or another and most of the people face it every day.

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