DNA Exclusive: Farmers’ agitation may now enter ‘digital kidnapping’ phase?

New Delhi: There is a huge difference between protest movements of the yesteryears like Dandi March and the farmers protest that has been taking place in Delhi now. Earlier, the people struggled for freedom against British rule and yet made sure no citizens were disturbed or bothered due to the agitation. While the protests in recent times have troubled the tax-paying citizens the most and have had enormous repercussions on the economy as well.

Zee News Editor-in-Chief Sudhir Chaudhary on Friday delved deep to analyse how the protest movements in India have taken a different shape and form.

As per research by the Cyber ​​Security company Cyble and Anti-Virus company Quick Heal revealed that a phone can be taken hostage in the name of farmers’ movement. It also warned that preparations are underway to kidnap your data, your privacy, all your information. 

Hackers who do this are taking cover under the farmer movement this time. That is, preparations are being made to execute digital kidnapping in the garb of farmers’ movement.

Quick Heal Security Labs has detected a ransomware virus named Sarbloh. According to the report of Quick heal, this virus may be associated with the peasant movement. ‘Sarbloh’ is a Punjabi word which is used for large iron utensils such as the pan. 

This virus can be sent via a link on e-mail like online shopping discount or any document or video.

It is a dangerous ransomware that will enter your phone or laptop as soon as you click on the link that is received on the email. After which this ransomware will lock all the files in your phone or laptop, such as audio, video, documents, ENCRYPT and all files will be captured by hackers.

Usually, after locking files hackers demand money and return the file as soon as they get the money. But in this case the demand of these hackers is different.

According to the researchers, a message comes after the files are locked which reads that the files are locked and will it will be retrievable till the demands of the farmers are accepted. 

Your files will be rendered useless. The name of the sender at the end of the message is written – Khalsa Cyber ​​Fauj.

There are many reasons to believe that ransomware has a connection with the farmer movement. The research company says that Khalsa Cyber ​​Fauj has not been named in any cyber attack before and this is the first time that a cyber attack is being used to threaten the government to withdraw laws. 

Information about this virus and Khalsa Cyber ​​Fauj has been shared through Social Media Teams associated with the farmers’ movement.

If you have got such a link, which you suspect in this ransomware then a complain can be made with the Cyber ​​Cell or call National helpline 155260. This Helpline works from 9 am to 6 pm.

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