DNA Exclusive: Will corona 2.0 become uncontrollable amid rising COVID-19 cases?

New Delhi: Even as India celebrated Holi on Monday, the number of coronavirus cases has surged in the country while the major reason seen behind the spike is the lax attitude of the people as they are not following proper mask rules and are not maitaining social distance.

On Tuesday, Zee News Editor-in-Chief Sudhir Chaudhary analysed the COVID-19 statistics of the last 10 days and how the coronavirus safety rules have been breached leading to what could be a second wave of infections.

The number of coronavirus cases have seen an unprecedented rise in the country in the past 10 days, it has been by far the fastest pace with which the number of cases has risen. 

Over 56,000 COVID-19 cases were registered in the last 24 hours while more than 31,000 new cases have been registered in Maharashtra. That is, about half of the total cases of the country are being reported from one state. The total tally of coronavirus in India is close to 5.5 million while more than 1.5 lakh people have lost their lives to the infection. 

In Maharashtra, more than 31,000 cases have been reported in a single day. As many as eight of the 10 most infected districts in the country are from this state. It is overwhelming the hospital services and there is a shortage of ventilator beds for serious patients in many cities including Mumbai. 

Meanwhile, the situation in Delhi is also similar. Till a month ago, the average number of daily cases of coronavirus in the national cpital was 132, which has now risen upto 1535 cases per day. The reason is the open violation of the COVID-19 rules. As the number of cases increase, private hospitals are filling up with seriously infected patients leading to shortage of ventilator beds. 

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