Doctors in Bihar remove 82 teeth of teenager with rare tumour

New Delhi: In a rare case of complex tumor named ‘odontome’, Bihar doctors removed more than 80 teeth from a teenage boy in who was suffering from extreme pain. The doctors at IGIMS, Patna removed 82 teeth in an operation that lasted for 3 hours.

“He came with complaint of swelling & pain in jaw. After examination, we diagnosed that he had Complex Odontoma, a rare jaw tumor,” Dr Priyankar Singh, IGIMS Patna told ANI.

Seventeen-year-old Nitish Kumar went to the doctor, who were also surprised to see his strange jaw. According to doctors, it is a rare case which is found in one person in lakhs. Doctors has to remove 82 teeth from his lower jaw. 

The tumor developed due to a fault in teeth developing substance. “During operation, we found that parts of teeth were accumulated in the back of the jaw that could develop 82 teeth. The patient is healthy now & will be discharged soon,” he said.

Then the doctors found that it was a kind of tumor in Kumar’s jaw which he had been suffering from it for five years. The teen underwent  an operation to remove the tumor from jaw. 

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