Farmers’ protests: Two farm union leaders found staying at 3-star hotels in Delhi

New Delhi: Several farmers have been protesting against the three farms laws for more than 100 days. They have stayed in tents, trolleys and other temporary accommodations, braving the cold of winter and now the summer heat.

More than 40 farmer leaders have commanded the ongoing demonstrations. Two of them, Balbir Singh Rajewal and Kulwant Singh Sandhu, have been staying at the TDI Club Retreat, a three-star hotel in Kundli.

Zee News has accessed the hotel bills which reveal the expenses of their accommodation in the hotel.

Balbir Singh Rajewal, President of Bhartiya Kisan Union- Rajewal, stayed in hotel room number 206 from December 12, 2020, to March 3, 2021. Currently, he is staying in room number 303.

According to the bills of TDI CLUB Retreat Hotel accessed by Zee News, Rajewal spent more than 1 lakh 30 thousand on hotel bills from December 12, 2020, to January 28, 2021. It included breakfast and laundry expenses. The daily cost of the room was Rs 2500, excluding breakfast and laundry.

According to the existing figures, Rajewal’s hotel stay estimated costs reach up to Rs 2 lakh 40 thousand approximately.

Another farm leader, Kulwant Singh Sandhu, who is the general secretary of Jamuhari Kisan Sabha, Punjab, is staying with his son Dosanjh in room number 201 of the same three-star hotel along with Balbir Singh Rajewal from 27 December 2020.

Kulwant Singh Sandhu’s stay in the hotel, including food and drink, is free, courtesy of Ravindra Taneja, one of the owners of the hotel.

Ravindra Taneja is accused in the Manesar land scam in Gurugram district of Haryana. 
According to the charge sheet in the Panchkula Special Court filed by the ED in the year 2020, 13 other builders including Ravindra Taneja had allegedly embezzled Rs 1500 crores.

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