Heroic teen pushes bear off compound wall to save dogs, video goes viral

New Delhi: A hair-raising video of a teen pushing a brown grizzly bear off the boundary wall to protect her dogs has gone viral. The netizena are divided as they alternatively call the teen heroic and also side with the poor animal who was just trying to protetcts its cubs from the dogs.

In the 21-second clip, we see a bear and her two cubs walking along the garden wall, upon seeing the animal the dogs run out of their home barking. The mama bear tryies to defend her babies and starts pawing at the the dogs. Meanwhile, the teen named Hailey rushes out of her house and shoves the bear off the and hurriedly runs back inside.   


The video is a surveillance footage and it filmed on Memorial Day, the incident took place in US California. The video was posted on social media platforms by Hailey’s cousin, Brenda.

Here’s how people reacted:

While one user appreciated the length the dog owner went to protect her pets.

Another user pointed out that the bear was just trying to save its cubs.

The video was posted on Tuesday and since it has gathered 8.6 million views and liked 222.5K views.

It has been widely shared and re-posted on Instagram and Twitter as well, collecting lakhs of views and leaving people amazed.

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