India key part of US President Joe Biden’s allocation plan of 25 million COVID-19 vaccines: Envoy TS Sandhu

New Delhi: Indian Ambassador to the United States, TS Sandhu on Thursday (June 3, 2021) revealed that India will be a major part of US President Joe Biden’s Global Allocation Plan of sending over 25 million COVID-19 vaccines to neighbours and partner countries.

“President Biden has announced today the Global Allocation Plan of 25 million vaccines. This is the first tranche out of a total of 80 million vaccines announced earlier by the United States. The distribution is under two categories – A, through the Covaxin initiative, and B, directly to neighbours and partner countries,” said Taranjit Singh Sandhu in an interview with news agency ANI.

“Now, India will figure in both categories and will get vaccines as per allocation under COVAX and direct supply. So first would be the COVAX initiative in which India is included in Asia. Second, through direct supply to neighbours and partner countries, that includes India, Korea, Canada and Mexico,” he added.

The Indian Ambassador to the United States also added that US has also announced the removal of the Defense Production Act, which means no more priority supply will now be required.

This will furthers smoothen the supply chains for vaccine manufacturing, particularly for AstraZeneca and Novavax, he revealed. 

TS Sandhu also added that the telephonic conversation between US Vice President Kamala Harris and PM Modi was positive and warm. 

“Vice President Harris called Prime Minister Modi, it was a positive and warm conversation. PM Modi thanked VP Harris for assurance of vaccine supply to India. The prime minister also appreciated support and solidarity from the US government,” said Ambassador of India to the US, Taranjit Singh Sandhu. 

“They talked about efforts to strengthen India-US partnership in vaccines and areas of global health, economic recovery and discussed QUAD initiatives. PM Modi invited VP Harris to visit India after normalization of global health situation,” revealed TS Sandhu.

Meanwhile, out of the 25 million vaccines, approximately 7 million vaccine doses will be supplied to Asian countries including India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Pakistan. 

(With ANI inputs)

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