International community must press for Taliban to stop abusing women: Experts

New Delhi: Expressing concern over the ongoing situation in Afghanistan, a group of experts underlined that the international community must press for the Taliban to stop abusing women.

Discussing the topic “Role of International Media in Safeguarding Women’s rights under Taliban” during a seminar organised by Delhi-based think tank Red Lantern Analytica, Heather Barr, Associate Director, Women’s Rights Division, Human Rights Watch said that the international media coverage is not fair, and is diluted.  She added that some believe that the security threat is greater when more than fifty percent of the total population in Afghanistan is terrified. She also specified that the Taliban can never be trusted with women’s rights in Afghanistan and they have demonstrated that very clearly.

Nargis Nehan, the former minister of mines and petroleum in Afghanistan said, “Former president would run away leaving his countrymen at the mercy of the Taliban was absolutely unpredictable. It is also very sad to see that posts of ministers and military commanders have gone to terror outfits, especially the  Haqqani network, the members of which are in the FBI’s most wanted list.”

“Women in Afghanistan have been part of reconstruction, not war. And yet women are the ones who have to pay the highest price in the process,” Zarifa Ghafari, Afghanistan’s former mayor and human rights activist noted. She added, “Though the trouble and the pain is intense, yet the women in Afghanistan would fight back. The battle would be hard but today’s women would not give up as women in Afghanistan make up a significant part of the society, their economy, cultural development, social development and also a part of the government.”

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