Is COVID vaccine turning you magnetic? Man makes bizarre claim. Check here to know the truth!

Fever, vomitting, chills, headache – these are some of the many side-effects that have been reported by people who have taken the COVID vaccine, be it the first or second dose. But this time, the “side-effect” seemed to have reached a bizarre height. 

Arvind Sonar, a resident of Nashik, says that metal objects have been easily sticking to his body after he took the vaccine! As per media reports, Sonar has been administered with Covishield and he has now taken both the jabs.

To convince people that he is telling the truth, Sonar allowed news channels to make videos which show plates, spoons, coins, sticking to his body.  

According to media reports, doctors from the Nashik Municipal Corporation (NMC) have visited Sonar and said that thorough investigations are required to reach a conclusion. The doctor said that they will send the report to the government and check if investigations are required. Media reports also quote doctors saying that this incident has no correlation to the vaccination so far.

Meanwhile, the Press Information Bureau’s (PIB) fact-checking arm, PIB Fact Check, has said these claims about COVID-19 vaccines are “baseless”. In a tweet, they said that “COVID-19 vaccines don’t make people magnetic and are completely safe”.   

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