Kerala man steals bus amid lockdown to meet wife, gets arrested

New Delhi: In a story straight out of a movie, a man from Kerala was arrested for allegedly stealing a bus and fooling police officials across four districts which he claimed he did to meet his wife amid the lockdown imposed in state.

The man identified as Dinoop, 30, stole a private bus parked at the bus stand near Kozhikode on Saturday and drove off with it to travel to Thiruvalla. 

He was stopped by the police at two places but he told them that he was asked to fetch migrant labourers from Pathanamthitta and so the police allowed him to pass.

Dinoop drove through Malappuram, Thrissur, Ernakulam and to Kottayam district.

When he arrived at Kumarakom, the police stopped him and realised that he was driving a stolen bus. They checked the registration number of the bus, searched for the owner’s name and number and informed him that his bus was not where he had parked it.

The police does not believe Dinoop’s story as he has two similar cases against him.

He has been booked and a case has been filed against him. 

A police probe may reveal the truth behind his motice to steal the bus. 


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