Madhya Pradesh class 10 board exam to begin from April 30: Check paper pattern, marks scheme

Bhopal: The Madhya Pradesh Board 10th standard examinations will be conducted from April 30. The paper pattern for the general Hindi subject as well as other subjects for the high school examination has been issued by the board.

For the students who will appear for this examination, listed below is the paper pattern, marking scheme and tips on how to best prepare for the exam.

General Hindi Exam Pattern:

100 marks has been prescribed for General Hindi subject. In this, 25 questions will be asked based on the interpretation of the phrase, on the basis of aesthetics and content. In which 8 marks objective questions will also be given. While 17 marks will be allotted to marks wise questions.

At the same time, 25 marks will be asked from the prose section. Apart from this, 5 marks mode, 20 marks grammar, 10 marks unread comprehension, 5 marks letter writing and 10 marks essay writing will be asked.

According to the exam pattern, if students focus on the prose section, grammar, letter writing and essay writing section, then they will be able to answer 60 marks worth of questions from these sections.

Prepare in this way: 

Start reading the idioms, proverbs, pauses and tatsam, sandhi and samas from now on. It would be better to read these topics carefully instead of rote learning them.

Start preparing for letter writing now. If students practice letter writing, then they can get their full number.

Students must focus on essay writing. For this, write an essay on a topic every day. This will increase writing ability and they will be able to write essays on any subject quickly in the exam.

Students keep revising the whole syllabus a little bit. By doing this, they will not forget any topic. And will be able to perform better in the exam.

To get rid of confusion on any topic, ask the teacher or discuss the topic with friends. By doing this, the confusion associated with that topic will be solved.

Get into the habit of studying every day. Doing this will become a habit of reading. With this, the students’ studies will also be completed in time. Also, they will not have to study much at the time of examination.

Focus more on the topic on which the grip is weak. Because it will allow more time for the preparation of that topic.

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