Modern dulha? Groom rests hand on bride’s shoulder during wedding, watch what happened next

New Delhi: Weddings are taking place in full swing as the daily number of COVID-19 cases are decreasing and couples have waited long enough to get married.

In this video that has been going viral, the groom is seen happily holding his to-be wife’s shoulder during the wedding ceremony when the pandit stops to scold him, and tells him to remove his hand from her shoulder, leaving all the relatives reeling with laughter.

Embarrassed to be scolded like that, the groom takes his hand back and sheepishly smiles as the wedding ceremony continues.

Take a look at this hilarious video:


Netizens have been going crazy about this video and can’t stop watching how the adorable couple gets embarrassed in front of all their relatives.

Wedding memories make the best sort of stories at family parties and get-togethers during festivals, especially when it happens to be a truly embarrassing moment.

While some wedding like this are filled with laughter, others can have quite the opposite mood.

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