Monkey rides the Delhi metro leaving commuters stunned, video goes viral

New Delhi: Thousands of people residing in cities use the metro as a mode of commute as it quick and economical. The metros are always crowded and mostly people of all gentry can be seen riding in the mtero cars, but the commuters on Delhi Metro were in for a ride of their life as they had a special companion in the form of a monkey.

Yes, that’s right! This bizarre incident happened on Saturday in Delhi Metro when the monkey was found wandering around in a metro coach.  


In a video shared on Twitter, the monkey can be seen dwelling in one of a coach of metro and a man is heard saying ‘Yamuna bank’ which is one of the stations that fall on the blue line of Delhi metro.

In the response to the video, Delhi Metro Rail Corporation tweeted: “Hi, thank you for reaching out. Kindly mention the coach number and current station for further assistance.”

The video went viral in a couple of hours on the microblogging site and bagged more than 6k views.

Several Twitter users wondered if it was a pet while some said that the monkey probably entered the train from either Nirman Vihar, Laxminagar or Yamuna Bank station where there are a lot of monkeys.

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