No vaccine please! Elderly UP woman hides behind drum to avoid COVID jab

New Delhi: A video of an elderly woman in Uttar Pradesh’s Etawah scared to take vaccine has gone viral. The video which has been shared widely on social media brings to light the monumental challenge of conducting vaccination drive in rural parts of India.

The incident took place on Tuesday when a team of the state Health Department team along with the BJP MLA Sarita Bhadauria went to Chandanpur village in Etawah for a vaccination and awareness drive. 

When they reached the village, they managed to meet a few people but Har Devi, in her 80s, first hid behind a door and then ran behind a large drum in the house, apparently to avoid the jab. 

Despite being called several times by the vilalgers and the health department team, the ocotogenarian refused to come out. When woman did come out, she folded her hands and said she will not vaccinate, that she will get a fever and then die. 

The woman was pacified by the doctor and she was given her vaccine dose that same day.

Later in the evening, MLA Bhadauria said that there is a lot of rumours regarding vaccine in the village and admitted that a lot of work will have to be done on the vaccine front in the village. The head of Chandanpur village Rekha Devi said, “There is a lot of rumours spread about the vaccine in the village, due to which only 40 people have got the vaccine so far in this village with a population of 1,200.” 

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