Not ‘Mahajot’, it’s ‘Mahajhoot’: PM Narendra Modi on Congress joining hands with AIUDF

New Delhi: Continuing his attack over Congress, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday (March 24, 2021) said that the opposition joining hands with the All India United Democratic Front (AIUDF) is not a ‘mahajot’ (grand alliance), but a ‘mahajhoot’ (big lie).

During a public address in Lakhimpur’s Bihpuria, PM Modi also said that people support the double engine NDA government across Assam. 

“Congress can do anything for votes Here it’s joining hands with the Left while in Kerala, it’s abusing them. This is not ‘Mahajot’, it’s a ‘Mahajhoot’ which neither has a representative nor policy. Such an alliance can only guarantee infiltration and corruption,” PM Modi said. 

He added, “Today there’s development in Assam, it’s free from infiltrators. Congress has joined hands with people (AIUDF) whose aim is to destroy Assam’s identity. Do you want Assam’s traditions to be ruined? Congress taking help from a group that promotes infiltrators.”

The Prime Minister stated that Congress couldn’t even increase tea workers’ wages to Rs 100, whereas, the NDA in five years increased their wages by two times. 

“The same Congress is now spreading lies. Soon after we form a government, decisions will be implemented to make tea workers’ lives better,” PM Modi said.

He highlighted NDA’s work in the past 5 years in Assam and said that they have built 8 medical colleges, which will provide better medical care and opportunities to the youth studying medicine. 

“Under the PM Awas Yojana, over 5.5 lakh houses have been approved. Several beneficiaries have already received their houses,” he stated.

He also said that in 70 years, Assam had seen the development of just 13,000 kms of roads in the state, while, in the last five years, the NDA government has built nearly 15,000 km of rural roads.

“700 km of new roads have been built only in Lakhimpur,” the Prime Minister stated.

He also said that the poor people in every region of Assam have LPG gas connections and that the LPG coverage in the state has increased from under 50% to nearly 100% in just 5 years.

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