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PNR is short name for ‘Passenger Name Record’. It is a record in the database of Indian Railroads PC reservation framework (IR-CRS) against which excursion subtleties for a traveler, or a gathering of travelers are spared.

To be explicit, when a saved railroad ticket is reserved for a train in Indian Rail lines, all the subtleties of travelers are put away in social database of brought together reservation framework. These subtleties are related with an exceptional 10 digit number. This reference number is called PNR and it is imprinted on the ticket.

Passenger’s own data like name, age, Gender orientation and so on is spared in the database against this reference number. It incorporates segments to store booking status and current status of the ticket.

As we probably am aware each train has set number of seats, at some point one may not get an affirmed saved ticket. Booking status of such shortlist (W/L) ticket changes when there is any accessibility of saved seats because of wiping out. This new present reservation status is commonly known as PNR status.

Where to find PNR number on ticket?

PNR number is by and large printed at the upper left corner of the printed (tickets that are taken from railroad station booking window). If there should arise an occurrence of the E – Ticket (tickets that are reserved on the web or through IRCTC site), it is referenced at top in independent cell.

How to check PNR status?

There are numerous mediums through which PNR status enquiry can be made. Most well-known ways are Listed Below:

  1. PNR Status Enquiry through Online Live Websites:


Current Reservation Status Check Using SMS:

Railroad has propelled SMS administration for PNR enquiry to improve consumer loyalty. Travelers having no entrance to web, think that its valuable and advantageous mean. Generally well known of them are as per the following:

139 SMS administration was at first propelled by IRCTC. So as to get PNR status on portable through SMS, one have to send following message on 139.

PNR <your PNR number>

For instance: PNR 1023456725

Available on: Airtel, BSNL, idea, LOOP, MTNL, MTS, Reliance, TATA, Telenor, and Vodafone.

5676747 SMS service

This SMS service is maintained by rail Zone.

SMS PNR <your PNR number> and send it to 5676747

For example: PNR 1023456789

Final Reservation Charts

Final reservation chart is generally prepared before two or three hours of train departure time. This chart is pasted on notice board of railway station platforms.

Types of Indian Railways Trains & PNR Generation

First Indian Railway train was run in 1853 among Mumbai and Thane. Mumbai and Thane are western waterfront areas of Maharashtra. Current Indian Railroad trains are the aftereffect of slow improvement in innovation. Today it runs a large number of day by day express and neighborhood traveler trains. Railroad has arranged these trains as per their normal speed and number of ends on their course. The following are the rundown of train types:


These trains are furnished with most recent innovations and offices. It as of now runs in scarcely any metro urban areas of India like Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata. Such metro trains are sought after and government had arranged its development in other metro urban communities also. Metro Rail tickets don’t create special PNR number since one cannot hold a seat in these trains. These are moderate in speed and for the most part runs on their booked time.

Suburban Locals:

They run distinctly in not many enormous Indian urban communities like Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai. These are likewise instances of trains for which seat reservation is preposterous and henceforth one cannot get pnr status for tickets. These are additionally isolated into moderate local people and quick local people. Slow local people stop on each station while the quick ones end just on fundamental significant stations.

Traveler Trains:

Traveler trains can likewise be additionally characterized into moderate and quick traveler trains. They run between significant little separated cities. Slow traveler trains have stoppage at each and every station in the middle of their course. Held tickets are not accessible and henceforth one of a kind pnr number age isn’t accomplished for tickets.

Express and Super-quick Express:

These trains are moderately quicker than the previously mentioned. They stumble into long separations and one can book a hold ticket in these trains. As tickets are held, booking framework produces one of a kind ten digit pnr number on every pass to distinguish the explorer. PNR status checking office are made accessible for non-saved train tickets.

Shatabdi and Jan-shatabdi Express Trains:

These are fast trains accessible in Indian Railroad to associate moderate separated significant stations. They don’t have sleeper mentors. They just contain seats for seating. Fundamental contrast among Shatabdi and Jan-shatabdi trains is that Jan-shatabdi trains have both air conditioning and non-air conditioning mentors while Shatabdi trains are completely cooled. Seats can be saved and pnr status can be checked.

Garib Rath:

These trains have air conditioning 3 level mentors and ticket cost is generally lower than the other cooled trains. One can check pnr status of Garib Rath at

Rajdhani Express:

These are completely cooled prepares and associates significant urban communities of India. They are high need trains and for the most part runs on their planned time. They have not many stoppage in the middle of their course. Seat reservation office is accessible in these trains. One can check Rajdhani Express pnr status on this site.

Duranto Express:

These are source to goal train administration began as of late by Indian Railroad. From source to goal implies, these trains don’t stop on any station that comes in their course.

Types of Waitlist Tickets & Their Confirmation Priority:

In light of some predefined rules, railroad designates various sorts of shortlist share on tickets when ticket isn’t affirmed.

GNWL (General Holding up Rundown): Liklihood of affirmation for GNWL ticket is on most noteworthy need. You may get a GNWL amount, in the event that you are beginning your excursion from a station near train source station and closure your excursion at a station near train goal station.

CKWL (Tatkal Holding up Rundown): On the off chance that you are reserving your ticket under tatkal amount, you get CKWL status when tickets are open. It is critical to take note of that GNWL tickets will affirm first and afterward CKWL. Henceforth there is a less possibility that a CKWL ticket will be affirmed.

Aside from these two well-known holding up list shares, Indian Railroads has characterized some other W/L portions in long excursion trains like RLWL (Remote Area Holding up Rundown), RQWL (Solicitation Holding up Rundown), PQWL (Pooled Standard Holding up Rundown), RLGN (Remote Area General Holding up Rundown) and RSWL (Side of the road Station Holding up Rundown). Affirmation chances for these sorts of shortlist tickets are less.

Term Full Form Category
PNR Passenger Name Record Indian Railways
WL Waiting List Indian Railways
RAC Reservation Against Cancellation Indian Railways
SL Sleeper Class Indian Railways
3A AC 3 Tier Indian Railways
3E AC 3 Tier Economy Indian Railways
2S Second Sitting Indian Railways
FC First Class Indian Railways
2A AC 2-Tier Sleeper Indian Railways
1A First Class AC Indian Railways
GN General Quota Indian Railways
DF Defence Quota Indian Railways
CK Tatkal Quota Indian Railways
SS Travelling Alone Female Quota (above 45 Year) / Senior Citizen Quota Indian Railways
LD Ladies Quota Indian Railways
HP Physically Handicapped Quota Indian Railways

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