Pregnant and going to get COVID vaccine? Here’re 10 things to keep in mind

Pregnant women in India can now take vaccine for COVID. After months of conflicting reports, the Indian government allowed pregnant and lactating women to get the COVID jab. While studies have indicated that pregnancy doesn’t make a woman more vulnerable to COVID, there remains a risk if an expecting mother catches the virus. Experts add that since there aren’t many studies on the adverse effect of vaccines on pregnant women, one must exercise caution. 

Dr Amodita Ahuja, Consultant Obstetrician and Gynecologist and laparoscopic surgeon and infertility specialist, have some words of advice for expecting women looking to get vaccinated for COVID.

1) Inform your gynaecologist you are going for the vaccination. Take their advice about the vaccine, when to take etc, before booking your slot.

2) The day before vaccination keep yourself hydrated, get eight hours sleep and have a light meal just before going for the vaccination.

3) Wear loose clothes, especially on the arms, so that vaccines can be given easily.

4) If you have any history of prior allergic reaction to any medication then make sure to tell the concerned authorities at the centre.

5) While at the centre follow all Covid protocols like wearing a double mask, don’t touch the front part of the mask, maintain social distance. 

6) After going home if you experience any symptoms like fever, body pains, headaches, joint pains then take paracetamol after informing your gynaecologist. 

7) If you have a sore forearm then applying a heat pack will provide a lot of relief.

8) Continue your supplementation of iron, calcium along Vitamin E and Vitamin D for faster recovery.

9) Rest the entire day after taking the jab

10) If mild symptoms don’t subside or become worse immediately contact your gynaecologist

(With inputs from IANS)


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