Rains wreak havoc in Uttarakhand, damage newly constructed section of road on Rishikesh-Gangotri national highway

Chamba: A newly constructed section of road on Rishikesh-Gangotri National Highway, NH-94 (under Char Dham project) in Uttarakhand`s Chamba was damaged due to rain. 

The highway has been closed due to road damage. Speaking to ANI, Mahavir Negi, former Pradhan, Majyur village said, “The all-weather road has caved in at many places in the very first rain. Widening work is going on under the all-weather project on Rishikesh-Gangotri National Highway 94, Chamba city to connect Majyur and Guldi in Chamba. A 440 meters long tunnel was constructed under the tunnel, but the road connecting the tunnel could not withstand even the first rain and several meters of the road near Guldi village has caved in, due to which the road connecting the tunnel has been closed for the time being.”

“The first rain has made this condition of this highway. More rains are likely to take place, what will be the condition then? This road is no more capable of transportation. The tunnel has also been closed. Traffic has been interrupted,” he said.

“I cannot express how much hardships we are facing in commuting across. The road on Rishikesh-Gangotri National Highway has caved in during the very first rains after its construction. Now that this newly constructed road has caved in, you can assume how will people travel, how will the Char Dham yatra take place. People are facing so much problems. All the vehicles have been left stranded on the either side of the highway,” said Umeed Singh Mehar, a local.

Ravindra Juwantha, SDM Tehri said, “We have held a meeting with the BRO. We have told them to inspect the road from places where it has caved and fill up the shortfall in the highway at the earliest. I have also submitted a detailed report about the incident to the District Magistrate, where I have also mentioned that at what locations have the road caved in. We have instructed the BRO to take up the re-construction work and complete it as soon as possible.”

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