Real-life heroes: Men form human chain to save children trapped in burning building

Moscow: It is said that ‘unity is strength’ and it is indeed true when it comes to doing something beyond the imagination, something that seems impossible to an individual.

Something like that happened when three Russian men joined their hands to rescue the children trapped inside a building that was on fire.

In a video shared on Twitter, the men are seen climbing a drainpipe outside a 3-story building and forming a human chain to save the children trapped inside a burning apartment in Kostroma, Russia.

The incident happened when the kids were alone at their home. When the fire broke out, the neighbours tried to knock down the front door but failed in doing so. 

Seeing the fire intensifying, one of the three men climbed the drainpipe up to the third floor and pulled the first kid out of the window.

He then passed the child to the second person who was below and he then passed the child to the third man.

The child was then safely handed to a woman on the ground. They followed the same process to rescue other children.

Later, fire extinguishers arrived and doused the fire.  

The men who saved the children have been nominated for bravery awards for their heroic efforts. 

All the 3 men hailed as heroes and were praised by Twitter users.

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