Saale ki hui pitayi: Frustrated groom beats brother-in-law at wedding, video goes viral

New Delhi: Indian weddings are fun to attend as they are full of drama and hilarious moments. While the guests who attend the wedding are the ones who enjoy the day most, the event sometimes become rather stressful for the bride and groom, who are at the centre of everyone’s attention. 

You may have come across several clips where you would have seen the bridegroom getting angry and throwing tantrums, which points out the level of stress that they are in. 

In one such situation, a groom is seen angry and violent after a wedding guest teased him unnecessarily at the event. And what’s worst, the incident was captured on camera and shared online. In the video posted on Instagram bride and groom are seen on the wedding stage when a man, apparently the groom’s brother-in-law, teases him and pulls his cheeks despite the groom’s protest. 

The groom tries to stop him and grab his hand, but the brother-in-law seems relentless. Frustrated by all the teasing, the groom stands up and starts beating the man for harassing him incessantly.

The shockingly hilarious video is grabbing users’ attention and making them laugh.

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