Seven suicides in 24 hours in Noida, most cases related to depression

Noida: Seven people, including a software engineer, committed suicide within 24 hours in Noida. The cases were unrelated and the police have started investigation into each of them.
In most of the cases, the cause is being described as depression according to the police.

Among the dead was software engineer Tabrez Khan, aged 45 years, who lived in Ajnara Heritage Society, located in the Sector-39 police station area. He hanged himself from the fan of his house. He worked in a Gurugram-based company. He had recently prepared a project for his company, which was rejected and due to this, he was under a lot of stress.

In a separate case, a 20-year-old girl named Parthavi Chandra, who lived in Aldico Invitation Society, Sector-119 hanged herself from the fan on Monday night. She died in the hospital during treatment.

In a third case, a 40-year-old woman, Geeta Devi, who lived in Wajidpur village also committed suicide on Monday night.

In the fourth incident, Bhima (28), living in Loharli village of Thana Dadri area, committed suicide. 

In yet another case, Dharmendra Mishra (40), living in Baraula village of Thana Sector-49 area, allegedly committed suicide by hanging himself from the fan due to mental stress.

The sixth case involved the suicide of Prakash Haldar (30), who lived in the police station Sector-20 area.

In the seventh case, a man named Satpal, who lived in Sector 49, killed himself allegedly due to mental stress.

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