Some can’t digest that more women, SC and STs are becoming Ministers: PM Narendra Modi amid ruckus in Parliament

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday (July 19, 2021) took a jibe at the Opposition leaders amid ruckus in the Parliament and said that it seems that some people can’t digest that more women, SC and STs are becoming Ministers. 

On the first day of the monsoon session of the Parliament, the Prime Minister in Lok Sabha said that it should make everyone proud that several women, several people belonging to the SC and ST community have taken oath as Ministers. 

“Several new Ministers are children of farmers and also belong to OBC communities,” PM Modi said in the lower house as he was trying to introduce the newly-appointed ministers.

“It seems some people cannot digest that more women, SC, ST and OBC community members are becoming Ministers,” he said. 

“What sort of hatred do some people have for adivasis/dalits that they cannot allow the introduction of ministers from such communities in this House,” PM Modi asked the house.

In Rajya Sabha, he stated that some people are pained at seeing that children of farmers becoming ministers today.

“Some people are pained at seeing women as ministers and aren’t ready to allow their introduction as ministers,” he said.

This is to be noted that a total of 15 leaders took oath as cabinet ministers and 28 leaders took oath as ministers of state on July 7, of which, 27 ministers belonged to the OBC community. It is reportedly a record number of OBC ministers in the union government.

After the expansion of the cabinet, the Dalit community has a record of 12 ministers in the government and the number of ministers from Scheduled Tribes has now increased to 8, which is also reportedly the highest number in any government to date. The number of women in the Union Cabinet has also increased to 11.

Meanwhile, the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha proceedings were adjourned for a few hours amid continuous disruption by opposition members. 

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