Subhash Chandra gets emotional recalling the journey of Zee

New Delhi: Recalling the long and hard journey of the channel, Zee Group Chairman Dr Subhash Chandra on Wednesday (October 6) got emotional on national television during an interview with Zee News Editor-in-Chief Sudhir Chaudhary.

Asked what he feels looking back at the long history of the channel, Chandra said it was just meant to be and that the feat could not be repeated by anyone including himself.

“It was destiny. It was just meant to be. And that’s how Zee happened. Even I could not repeat the feat today even if I wanted to,” said Chandra fighting tears.

“We have made mistakes along the way. And I have paid for it. I was even shown black badges, offered garland of shoes. But I have welcomed the criticism positively,” he added.

Chandra questioned Invesco’s malicious intent and alleged that it is trying to acquire the ZEEL group through illegal manners.

“Invesco is not the owner, 2.5 lakh shareholders are the real owner of ZEEL, 90 crore Indian viewers are the real owners of the Group,” Chandra said.

“You (Invesco) may be an 18% share holder but you are not the owner. Don’t behave like one,” he added.

Chandra urged the people to support Zee in its fight against the hostile takeover.

“I know you (people) have got my back. I assure you, if you are with us, we will not let a foreign company take over. This company is not a personal property of anyone. It belongs to the people,” he said.

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