Tanker overturns in Madhya Pradesh’s Sidhi, villagers loot fuel while cops look on

Sidhi: A petrol tanker overturned after driver lost control of the vehicle near National Highway 39 at main road of village Amdad under Rampur Naikin police station of Sidhi district in Madhya Pradesh.

The accident resulted in the tanker overturning near the side of the road and a caused a tear on the pump leading to fuel spreading all around.

As soon as the nearby villagers got the information they reached the spot to loot petrol in waterever containers they could manage to grab like bucket, polythene packets etc. 

Surprisingly, the police who had reached the spot, made no efforts to stop the leakage of petrol and watched as mute spectators when people were robbing the fuel.

It is reported that petrol was leaking from one hole which could have been plugged but no such efforts made by anyone. Contrarily, people looted petrol, while some people and the police watched the whole incident. 

The villagers managed to loot all of the petrol from the tanker.

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