UP police reaction on shocking stunt video blows netizens’ mind

New Delhi: The Uttar Pradesh police on Saturday (March 13) shared an intriguing post on its official Twitter handle. The post was accompanied with a viral video, in which a man can be seen getting out of a moving car and climbing on its top. 

But that’s not it! The man then casually walks on the roof for sometime and starts doing push ups. The UP police took a jibe at this stunt video and posted it on their official handle with the caption, “Some Pushups will only bring you down in the eyes of Law ! Stay Strong, Stay Safe!”

The video was shot in Firozabad and the man in the video can be seen doing the stunt is Samajwadi Party leader Krishna Murari Yadav’s son Ujjwal Yadav.

In the video, shared on Twitter, the police revealed that both the individuals were immediately called in. Since the video had gone viral, the police were afraid that there might be more cases like these, which is why the police official took this decision of posting this video with a byte of IPS Ajay kumar explaining the whole investigation on the micro blogging website.

The car in the video was identified as scorpio and the owner as well as his son was charged with a challan of Rs 2500. In the video message, Ujjwal Yadav is standing in front of his father’s Scorpio and saying that I had made a dangerous video and I will not repeat such a mistake in future.

Now, the netizens are showering this video of UP police with likes and retweets. 

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