Update on New CBSE Syllabus 2021-22 For Term 1 & 2! Here Are Useful Question Banks for Term 1 & 2

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has announced a special assessment scheme for Classes 10 and 12 for the academic session 2021–22. Due to challenges arising due to the pandemic, the syllabus for the board examination will be rationalized, and the details for the revised syllabus will be shared by the Board later this month.

The syllabus will now be divided across the two academic terms, with a 50% syllabus across the two terms. The first term examinations for Class 10 & 12 will be held in November–December 2021, while the second term exams will be held in March–April 2022.

In light of these changes, here are five tips for students to ensure that they have a robust exam preparation strategy.

1. Adhere to the Latest Syllabus

Students need to be certain that they are commencing their exam preparation with the latest, updated resources. Preparing with outdated resources will make their exam preparation incomplete and deplete their confidence.

Oswaal CBSE Question Banks 2021-22 for Class 10 & 12 have been designed for the new academic CBSE syllabus 2021 -22 for Term 1 & Term 2 —and is completely updated with the latest guidelines. This book has 100% updated content and is strictly based on the CBSE curriculum released on 31st March 2021.

2. Study the weightage of every topic

Considering the syllabus rationalization and the division of the academic term, students need to be confident about not only the question type but also the weightage of every topic.

These CBSE Question Banks 2021-22 have the previous years’ Board examination questions along with the Board marking scheme answers. The latest solved papers with handwritten toppers answers sheet have been provided to ensure that students are aware of the correct approach to every question.

Here’s the recommended link for CBSE Question Banks 2021 -22 for Class 10: https://bit.ly/3AYQPq7 & Class 12, useful for Term 1 & 2 for new CBSE Syllabus 2021 -22. www.bit.ly/2U91A8K

3. Adopting Quick Learning Strategies

Students need to remain conversant with quick learning strategies that not only reinforce core concepts but also build problem-solving abilities. As per the revised syllabus guidelines, there is the interconnectivity of concepts and topics across the two Terms. Students need to ensure that they retain concepts and enhance both understanding and retention.

These CBSE Question Bank 2021-22 for Class 10 & 12 have a range of innovative cognitive learning tools such as Mind Maps, Mnemonics, Revision Notes, Concept Videos, Academically Important questions. All these pedagogical innovations encourage quick learning and longer retention.

4. Solve every question type & revise along with preparation

Students should feel confident about solving every type of question in their preparation. Using the right resource which prepares them for handling question diversity is critical. Students should be not only aware of the question type but also the correct strategy in attempting these questions. Oswaal CBSE Question Banks ensures that students have enough practice in the latest typologies of questions introduced by the Board for the 2022 exams – right from Objective Type questions to Very Short Answer question, Short Answer, Long Answer, Visual Case-based / Passage based questions (also called Competency-based questions). The questions have been designed to ensure students receive enough practice for both Terms 1 and 2.

5. Revise along with preparation

During exam preparation, it is important students build in revision time along with concept clarification. Side-by-side revision ensures concept clarity and develops application and problem-solving abilities.

This book has Unit-Wise Self-Assessment Tests for practice and an extensive set of practice questions with the latest typologies of questions. The chapter-wise & topic-wise presentation ensures systematic and methodical studies.


Students should ensure that they build in sufficient time to recharge themselves as well. Preparation for the examination should be supplemented with time-bound leisure activities to ensure well-being. For exam preparation, Oswaal CBSE Question (Useful for Terms 1 & 2) is one of the relevant study resources to start preparing with. Once you have access to the right resources, your exam preparation strategy will be on the right track.

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