Uttarakhand CM Tirath Singh Rawat stirs controversy, says women wearing ripped jeans set bad example

New Delhi: Uttarakhand Chief Minister Tirath Singh Rawat courted controversy when he commented on women who wear ripped jeans and claimed that he feels such women do not provide the right environment at home for children.

The remarks were made by Rawat at a workshop organised by the Uttarakhand State Commission for Protection of Child Rights in Dehradun on Tuesday.

In a video shared by news agency ANI, he is heard voicing his concerns about the example such a woman was setting for society.

“Kaynchi se sanskaar (culture by scissors) – showing bare knees, wearing ripped denim and looking like rich kids – these are the values being given now… If this kind of woman goes out in the society to meet people and solve their problems, what kind of message are we giving out to society, to our kids?” said the Chief Minister.

Watch video here: 

Rawat was recounting a conversation he had with a woman on an airplane, who was travelling with two her children. “She was sitting next to me so I spoke to her,” Rawat said, addinf, “She was wearing gum boots and her jeans were torn at the knees.”

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