Who is this mysterious girl Barbara Jarabica in Mehul Choksi’s case? Know details here

New Delhi: Mehul Choksi’s case took a shocking turn after the Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda Gaston Browne and fugitive businessman’s lawyer claimed that a woman, allegedly known as Barbara Jarabica, who had become friendly with Choksi over the past six months, played a role in his disappearance.

Last week, Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda Gaston Browne told a local radio station, “Mehul Choksi made a mistake and the information we are getting is that Choksi travelled with his girlfriend, but he was caught in Dominica and now he can be deported back to India.”

Additionally, Mehul Choksi’s wife, Priti Choksi also broke her silence on the issue and said, “Picture that is run of this person called Barbara is not even correct picture. Where is she, no one knows. If a crime occurred, and she saw it why has she not said anything. No one knows,” adding, “she is not traceable”.

When asked, who was she, Mrs. Choksi explained, “Barbara claims to be someone that works on the house renovation and she would come down to Antigua 2 or 3 times–she came in August, in April and now in May” and that “she has never met her”. According to Caribbean media, Barbara Jarabica is a property investment consultant and has studied at the London School of Economics. 

As per Choksi’s attorneys, Mehul Choksi was supposed to meet his girlfriend on May 23 but was allegedly kidnapped by the Antigua Police and Indian officials from the Jolly Harbor area. The lawyer also exclaimed that Choksi and Barbara could not meet because of the same. 

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