Why did Lord Hanuman’s tail not burn? Study these facts at this varsity in Madhya Pradesh

New Delhi: Madhya Pradesh Bhoj Open University is offering a Diploma course on Ramacharitmanas for the academic year 2021-2022. 

To explain the scientific perspective of Ramacharitmanas, the Bhoj University in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh has included the Diploma course in the new curriculum introduced under the National Education Policy (NEP). 

The Bhoj University

The course titled ‘Ramacharitmanas mein Vigyan se Samajik Utthan’ will explain Ramcharitmanas chaupais (quatrain) in relation to subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Environmental Sciences. 

The course will entail Ramcharitmanas and Physics, Ramacharitmanas and Chemistry, Ramacharitmanas and Biology, Ramacharitmanas and Environmental Sciences as its subjects. 

The idea behind the introduction of this course is to explain Ramcharitmanas in a scientific manner. How the mythical chariot of Ravana, Pushpak Viman in Ramayan flew, why did Lord Hanuman’s tail not burn when it was set on fire in Lanka, and other concepts will be expounded in the course.

Eligibility Criteria

This is a one-year course, and all Class 12 pass candidates are eligible to apply for the same. So far, 50 children have taken admission. The application process for the new session will be available till March 31, 2021. 

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